We sincerely hope that you will be satisfied with the new products. Success Orbit Trading Est registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under CR: 1010685848 formulates the product warranty policy provided by the company, according to which you can return, replace or repair products based on laws and regulations related to the protection of consumer rights and interests in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia along with the policies of the institution, we are determined to provide related services.


Delivery takes place inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through one of the trustworthy delivery companies in the Kingdom or through one of our delivery team, the delivery time takes between 2 to 7 working days in normal conditions, out of holidays, occasions and emergency conditions


For small home appliances machines working with low voltage ! You can enjoy warranty services within two years from the date of purchase, if an error occurs in the performance that is not caused by human damage to the product or exposure to breakage, problems resulting from misuse, electricity, lightning strikes, rain, torrents and natural disasters. The start date of the product warranty is subject to the day when the purchase receipt or proof of purchase is issued (hereinafter referred to as proof of purchase) A limited 90-day warranty period may be provided to device parts that have been replaced in repair operations outside the warranty period Communication with the maintenance center is done through direct contact via the site or other communication sites or the number of one of the delegates, and maintenance is carried out in the maintenance center of the agent or the authorized maintenance centers in a period not exceeding 14 days.

Hardware out of warranty:

Damage caused by transport, loading and unloading during return, replacement or repair -Operations of amendment, dismantling, or repairing without permission from the official agent -Product damage caused by unintended or intended behaviors such as fluid damage, falls, inappropriate voltage to income, strong falls, and deformation of the main board or outer body, etc. This also includes other phenomena such as damage, cracking, or fracture. -The product model or number listed on the warranty certificate is inconsistent with the actual product, or a change to the warranty certificate has occurred -Removing or damaging the product board, the barcode serial number, and the warranty patch, without identification -No valid bills and maintenance vouchers.

The warranty period expires:

Defects or damage caused by force majeure factors such as fire, earthquake, and flooding.

Return services Acceptable return criteria:

Products can be returned either before receiving the product or within 3 days of receiving it, provided the packaging is not opened with the seal in place or the package is in good condition.

All returns and returns requests will be properly verified by the Success Orbit Trading Est. The package will be returned again to the customer in the event that it did not provide a valid reason. In case you purchased the product from an online store, please submit the return request according to the evidence on the website, making sure that all the accessories, brochures and attachments that are available with the device inside the box

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