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Who are we and how did we start?

ArrowMan is a company that has been around for over 8 years.
Our main goal is to provide clean air free from any damage or moisture to maintain the health of individuals.

Since the beginning of our research in the field of humidity and knowing its damages, we decided to develop research on ways to get rid of this humidity and its dangers to ensure cleaner air for society, individuals and companies.

Because of our research, we were able to create products that are among the best in the world, with high quality and efficiency, as these devices have certified certificates from SASO, SABER, CE, IECEE, TUV STD, and these products are exclusive to our agent inside Saudi Arabia, Madar Al Najah Trading Est.

In addition to our keen interest in providing clean air, we also focused on providing after-sales services, high-accuracy maintenance services, and excellent customer service, as we guarantee you the best service and the best air.

Our goals are presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Because of the high levels of humidity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, Madar Al-Najah Trading Est. decided to provide the perfect solution to solve these problems, which is to provide high quality and excellent performance devices for removing and purifying moisture and air purification.

Our goals are to be one of the companies specialized in air treatment and dehumidification for stores, hospitals, factories and homes to ensure cleaner and better air for the Saudi citizen to enjoy better health.

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