ArrowMan Dehumidifier

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How to know that you need a Dehumidifier?

Windows are foggy
Mold is visible
Mold is visible
Feeling cold
Feeling cold
Notice wood rot
Notice wood rot
Musty smell
Condensation on walls
Condensation on walls

High Humidity problems

Bacteria & Viruses

Humidity increases the growth of mites, bacteria, and viruses that exacerbate symptoms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Bad Social Image

Humidity Creates mold on walls and foul brown spots that embarrass you in front of your friends.


​Humidity increases the growth of mold that irritates the throat and lungs, and exacerbates asthma symptoms

How Do Dehumidifiers Work?

Measuring The Humidity Levels
Start measuring the humidity levels and temperature in the air
Measuring The Humidity Levels
Refining The Air
Refining the air inside them and start collecting moisture from the air
Refining The Air
Dropping Moisture Out
Dropping this moisture out water in the tank or through the hose if provided
Dropping Moisture Out

Devices' Features of ArrowMan

Why ArrowMan is the best in the kingdom?

In addition to the capabilities of our wonderful devices, we offer very special services


Genuine 2-year warranty


The best international and local quality and safety certificates

Free Delivery

Free delivery and after-sales service


The best value for the best price in the Kingdom

Results of Using a Dehumidifier

Failure to remove moisture from the air causes an increase in the amount of dust and pollen in the room, which may have dangerous effects on your health

If you or a family member has allergies or asthma problems, this product will prevent dust and pollen from entering this room.

Excessive moisture in the air leads to mold growth in various furniture places and places that we may not consider, such as air ducts and between walls or floors.
Having a dehumidifier prevents any chance of mold from growing

A dehumidifier can also lower energy costs because it helps HVAC units run more efficiently. If the house is located in a humid climate, the air conditioner must work harder not only to cool the air but also to remove moisture

Some products from other companies cause noise when they work, but ArrowMan product is quiet throughout the time of use

When designing the device, we took care to have a decorative design to match the decor of your home to add an aesthetic touch to your home decor

Do you prefer value for money, or money for nothing?

ArrowMan Devices

Large Liter Capacity

20L equals 20000 milliliter
60L equals 60000 milliliter

Power & efficiency

Excellent efficiency to get rid of humidity from your home

Value for money

Get a valuable device for your money with 2 years guarantee

Are you looking for commercial and industrial Dehumidifiers?

Used in large warehouses, factories and production lines, hospitals and medical care, indoor swimming pools, spas and gyms