For years of local and international experience, ArrowMan Technology offers you the best solutions of commercial and industrial dehumidifiers, with professional techniques and high precision engineering to be used in large warehouses, factories and production lines, hospitals and medical care, indoor swimming pools, spas and gyms

Face moisture problems and related damages with confidence and safety with ArrowMan commercial and industrial devices, a local engineering team ready to help you find the most appropriate and most economical solution to moisture problems while providing the best modern technologies to help you from the first steps to the end, at the examination, inspection, planning and Consultation, implementation, installation and followup to ensure results and customer satisfaction

  • Very high capacity, up to 480 liters per day 
  • Engineered and robust design for large and industrial commercial spaces
  • Powerful fan with high performance and perfection with less noise
  • The best value for the best price in the Saudi Arabia
  • Effective and guaranteed performance in direct and effective moisture removal
  • holds the best international and local quality and safety certificates from the Saudi Standards and Metrology Organization
  • Free, direct and fast shipping
  • Local customer service to help you at any time
  • The devices are designed and calibrated to obtain the best performance in hot and humid climates in GCC countries
  • Local warranty