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  • Power source: 220v 60Hz
  • Capacity: 60L/Day
  • Applicable area: up to70 m2
  • Drainage: continuous draining.
  • Mobile wheels: Yes
  • Warranty: 18 months
  • Safety & Quality certificates: SASO, SABER, CE, IECEE, TUV STD. Approved by Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization.


ArrowMan IDH60C Dehumidifier is a robustly engineered device intended for long-term work in a high-humidity environment in industrial or service areas such as hotels, food, and beverage factory, restaurants, retail, food store, and places that contain electronics such as servers. It serves spaces up to 70m2

Easy to move from one place to another, as the device is equipped with wheels that facilitate its transportation

Long working period due to continuous draining, this drainage system is best suited for continuous operation of the device


Why ArrowMan is the best in the kingdom
  • In addition to the capabilities of our wonderful devices, we offer very special services
  • The best international and local quality and safety certificates
  • Logistic services support and after-sales service
  • Strong engineering design
  • The best value for the best price in the Kingdom


Device Features
  • Strong and remarkable performance compared to other products in hot and humid climates
  • Intended for hotels, food and beverage factory, restaurants, retail, food store, and places that contain electronics such as servers
  • It serves spaces up to 70m2
  • Very high efficiency, up to 60 liters per day
  • Local warranty and support
  • The best value for the best price in the Kingdom


Experience makes the difference

Because of our local and international experiences for many years, we have been able to offer you the best solutions to get rid of moisture for facilities with advanced techniques and high engineering accuracy.


say Goodbye to moisture

With IDH60C there is no need to be afraid that moisture will destroy your property, with the latest technology and research to get rid of moisture, you will be able to avoid and prevent moisture damage


local engineering team

We guarantee that the best equipment will be prepared for you as our team will check and inspect the site and will help you to install the product and follow up with you to ensure the best results and your satisfaction


Technical Details 
Model IDH60C
Rated Voltage/Frequency 220V 1N~60Hz
Humidity removal(27℃/60%RH) 1.25kg/h
Humidity removal(30℃/80%RH) 2.5kg/h
Humidity removal(35℃/90%RH) 3.0kg/h
Rared Input Power(27℃/60%RH) 650W
High Temperature Power(30℃/80%RH) 780W
Max Power(35℃/90%RH) 980W
Air circulation 350m³/h
Refrigerant/quantity R410A/420g
Protection against electric shock I
IP Level IP21
Heat exchanger Max work pressure 3.0MPa
Air in/out side allow work over pressure 1.0/3.0MPa
High/Low pressure side allow Max pressure 3.0MPa
Dimensions (588+40)*(433+40)*352mm
Net Weight 32kg

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